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Thanks to whoever bought me a paid user account for 2 months. If you selected me, I hope I can continue to offer whatever you liked in me. If it was random, thanks for supporting Dreamwidth!
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Today I bought more sheet music, some from ebay (used), some from (a great store for Europeans)

  • Mozart - 12 Variations on "Ah, Vous Dirai-je Maman" k. 265 (Henle)
  • Debussy - Children's Corner (Henle)
  • Schumann - Kinderscenen / Album for die Jugend (Henle)
  • Bach - Two Part Inventions (Henle)
  • Beethoven - Violin and Piano Sonatas - Volume I (Henle)
  • Beethoven - Piano Sonatas - Volume I (Henle)
  • Beethoven - Piano Sonatas - Volume II (Henle)
I also bought used orchestral scores, so I can start practicing orchestration (by studying them). This was an impulse buy, considering I'm not that prepared to start doing it, but I bought them at a very good price (and free shipping, since they are from the same seller I ordered the piano sheet music)
  • Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 - Eroica (Eulenberg) 
  • Schubert - Symphony No. 9 (Eulenberg)
  • Schumann - Symphony No. 2 (Eulenberg)
  • Schumann - Symphony No. 3 (Eulenberg)

You may have noticed that I really like Henle Urtext editions. If you have some that you want to sell (and if you are from the European Union), I may be interested. I'm also interested on orchestral scores (good editions, please!)
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[personal profile] jenett recently posted about a meme that says "if you've read more than 7 of the following books, you are above the average" (abridged versions don't count). I copied her list and pasted here, in order to bold the ones I've read and decide which ones to buy next (this is actually a good list). Bold books are the ones I read, italic the ones I own (may or may not have partially read). They are just 11/100, and I don't consider it a great achievement. Because I'm optimistic, I'm very happy because that means there are 89 books waiting to be discovered :)

link to the entry on [personal profile] jenett journal

See the list... )
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I usually don't buy CD records of classical music (mostly because they are very expensive in Portugal).

Last Friday JN (the largest portuguese newspaper) started publishing a collection of piano records. The selection of composers and interpreters is actually very good! The first volume is about Glenn Gould and Bach, including the Goldberg Variations and more music from Bach. 2 CDs with a book introducing the composer, interpreters and a listening guide for the pieces, just for 2.95€ (apart from the newspaper cost - about 1€). The next volumes are more expensive - 7.95€, but still worth it.

I'm happy to live in Portugal :)

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Just to give you a glance of my capabilities in HTML/CSS

I've designed two websites before entering my university (3 years ago, so they are quite outdated): - C++ Programming tutorials in Portuguese written by me (20!) - Webpage about genetics for a school project 

And one I developed some months ago, for a Conference in Plastic Surgery (requested by my sister and done in just 2 hours!):

These websites (with no exception) where developed on a text editor (Notepad++ or vim) with HTML and CSS (with no tables for layout).

They mostly show my skills in HTML/CSS, although I'm self-taught on web design/development. I've also recently started studying web usability, something that I know now, my websites lack quite a bit.

About Me

Apr. 3rd, 2010 02:42 pm
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I'm João Portela, a 20 year old student from Portugal. I'm on the 3rd year (of 5) of a Integrated Master in Informatics and Computer Engineering at FEUP.

I like all areas of software development and engineering, with a special interest in usability and software architecture. The language I feel more comfortable with is C++ (it was my first programming language, back when I was 12), although I feel pretty fluent in Java, C, C# and web languages like HTML/CSS and Javascript. I also have working knowledge in PHP, Ruby (on Rails), Assembly, Python, SQL, Prolog and Scheme.

Beside from computers and the occasional geekiness, I love reading and watching films and tv series. I'm also a piano and music theory student (although I only begun playing the piano last year), in hopes of becoming a composer someday, and I can somewhat play the violin. I mostly play and listen to classical music, although I do appreciate rock and some heavy metal groups

Well, I think that's about it, I'll leave you with a list of some of my favorite stuff:

Favorite Composers:

F. Chopin
L. van Beethoven
W. A. Mozart
J.S. Bach
P. I. Tchaikovsky

Favorite Music Groups:

The Beatles
Guns 'n Roses

Favorite Authors:

Stephen King
George Martin
J.K. Rowling
J.R.R. Tolkien
E. A. Poe

Favorite Movies:

Shawshank Redemption
Green Mile
The Godfather
12 Angry Men
Lord of the Rings

TV Series I'm following:

Family Guy

Piano pieces I'm learning:

Mozart - Piano Sonata K 545
Chopin - Waltz posth. N. 19
Schumann's Kinderscenen - Traumerei


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