Sep. 8th, 2010 07:27 pm
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Fellow developers and staff, if you have a LinkedIn account, I would be honored if you accepted to be my colleagues in there. If you don't have a LinkedIn account I'll still be honored to be your colleague here :P

Here's my profile:
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These were my first three contributions to this wonderful community!

BUG 2516 Post-posting an entry to a community page has some wrong terminology.

BUG 2447 - Community search page should not show to logged out users

BUG 2457 - When expanding "View Answers" on poll, hover box doesn't appear

Added to my Memories (I really wanted to add something)
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I joined Dreamwidth by April 2, a bit more than two weeks, and I think it's time I do a quick overview of that time. Today I'll only talk about communities, since I only have about 10 minutes before my conscious start yelling at me because I'm not working on a report I have to deliver tomorrow. 

I've been regularly posting on [community profile] onesongaday, a community whose purpose is to share at least one song a day, for you to listen. I've been posting mostly classical music, but don't worry, there are plenty of users that post on very different styles!

I also recommend [community profile] poetry, where you can find beautiful poems by diverse authors. 
These two communities are updated daily, and the entries are very good!
I've also created a community about [community profile] usability today, if you are interested on the topic, or are just curious, you are welcomed to join! 

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Thanks to whoever bought me a paid user account for 2 months. If you selected me, I hope I can continue to offer whatever you liked in me. If it was random, thanks for supporting Dreamwidth!


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