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So, I just finished last Wednesday my semester exams and if everything goes as expected, I'll have a "Licenciatura in Engineering Sciences - Informatics and Computing Engineering" ( B. Sc. ). I'll still have 2 more years at my faculty so I can complete the Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering to qualify myself as an Engineer.

Being a GSOC student here at Dreamwidth, that means that I can finally work with my mind set on this. I already submitted my first patch regarding GSOC but I'm still a lot behind schedule, but I think I can get back on track by the end of the month.

I'll now try to fix bug 1590 - Ajaxify Polls, which shouldn't be too hard, I'll just have to lose some time learning how DW handles AJAX

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I was overwhelmed with the amount of work the end of my school semester brought. As a positive outcome, I completed all my school projects and I'm counting on a good evaluation on all of them. I've also learned to work under pressuring deadlines and to work a large amount of hours (averaging less than 4 hours of sleep per day - not necessarily continuous - during the last two weeks, and only pausing to eat and the occasional walk to stretch my back and legs. I didn't thought working more than 100 hours in a week was possible). 

I´m now entering my school exams, but I don't expect them to be nearly as time consuming as my school projects, and it's actually good to do other things than studying the whole time, so I'm doing GSOC my hobby, and I expect to use 2-3hours a day for it, during these couple of weeks.

I'm hoping that I start showing something already by Friday, so stay tuned!

I also would like to thank my mentor, [staff profile] denise , for her infinite patience and comprehension ;)
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Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Not only I'm happy because I got accepted as a GSOC student, but because I'm doing the internship here in Dreamwidth, and most of all because my mentor is [staff profile] denise, who introduced me to Dreamwidth (other mentors don't take this personal, I would have loved to work with everyone of them, and I know I'll still have your help).

I also want to congratulate the other students and most of all cheer up everyone who didn't got selected. 3 friends of mine didn't get selected for GSOC this year :(. You can also work on your spare time as a volunteer, the experience you gain will certainly give you an edge for next year!

So, what's next?

Here's my plan for the community bonding period (until May 24):

- Discuss project goals with my mentor 
- Learn Perl and the intricacies of Dreamwidth
- Getting to know the polling system on Dreamwidth
   - Solving Bug 28 - that should give me enough knowledge about the database tables and relationships concerning polls
- Do a report (with the help of my mentor) clearly stating the project goals, deliverables and schedule, that should serve as an evaluating guide and a progress tracker. 

I can't even wait to start (for now, lots of studying and working for faculty projects...)


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