Apr. 27th, 2010

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Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Not only I'm happy because I got accepted as a GSOC student, but because I'm doing the internship here in Dreamwidth, and most of all because my mentor is [staff profile] denise, who introduced me to Dreamwidth (other mentors don't take this personal, I would have loved to work with everyone of them, and I know I'll still have your help).

I also want to congratulate the other students and most of all cheer up everyone who didn't got selected. 3 friends of mine didn't get selected for GSOC this year :(. You can also work on your spare time as a volunteer, the experience you gain will certainly give you an edge for next year!

So, what's next?

Here's my plan for the community bonding period (until May 24):

- Discuss project goals with my mentor 
- Learn Perl and the intricacies of Dreamwidth
- Getting to know the polling system on Dreamwidth
   - Solving Bug 28 - that should give me enough knowledge about the database tables and relationships concerning polls
- Do a report (with the help of my mentor) clearly stating the project goals, deliverables and schedule, that should serve as an evaluating guide and a progress tracker. 

I can't even wait to start (for now, lots of studying and working for faculty projects...)
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Since most of you are writers in some way or another, I thought I could share a poem I wrote around 3 years ago. It's the only poem I've written in English, and I don't intend to write anymore poetry, since I feel I should read more poems before even attempting to write more. I'm definitely interested in starting short-stories, though!

Here it is:

You won't have my life.
Even if you make your smile shine.
You can even cry, but still
It will continue to be mine.
You can yell at my ears.
Your crying eyes, I will not see.
Show me your beatiful face. Understand!
My life is only for me.
Gently put your hands around my body.
Hug me, kiss me and beg for it.
I'll gently close my mouth on your ear,
Just to say you can't have even one bit.
Why, you ask me?
That's as simple as it can be,
Because today you'll have more than that.
Today you'll have me. 


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